The Best Restroom Deodorizers of 2022

Restroom odors have been a problem long before the invention of the first flushable toilets. In the late-19th century, a London plumber named Thomas Crapper manufactured one of the first flushable toilets, using the ballcock, an improved tank-filling mechanism still used in toilets today. Centuries later, not much has changed, including restroom odors.  Odors still plague public restrooms. In light of technological advances in the past decade alone, it’s surprising that the problem of bathroom odors persist.

Spray air fresheners only serve to mask odors. Sure, they can make a room smell good, but there are much better options for how to get rid of restroom odors.

Restroom odors are a huge deterrent to your customers. Walking into a stinky restroom ruins your customer’s experience & lowers their impression of your whole business. Bad restroom odors have serious and lasting consequences. Restrooms reflect the quality of service provided throughout your business. In fact, a recent survey by Cintas revealed 89% of people consider a restroom dirty if it smells bad. The good news is, you can effectively prevent and eliminate bathroom odors for good. We’re going to explore the best restroom deodorizers and the best restroom air fresheners of 2022.

The Biggest Source of Restroom Odors

After surveying thousands of public facilities across many industries, we’ve discovered the #1 source of odors in public restrooms. And no, it’s not #2!

So, why do public restrooms stink so bad?!?

In most commercial restrooms, the main source of odor is urine. Even small droplets of urine can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The more the bacteria proliferates, the worse the odor becomes. Urine can remain on tiles, grout, behind the fixture, and can be spread throughout the restroom on shoes.

What is the best deodorizer for restrooms in 2022?

The best restroom deodorizer addresses the odor problems at the source, rather than just covering up the bad smell. Without addressing the source of the odor, the smell will only get worse over time.

The best odor removers clean AND deodorize.

1) The AeroWest & the OdoSan Drip Systems – automatically cleans & deodorizes toilets & urinals.

The AeroWest & OdoSan solution consists of:

  • Odoff, a powerful odor neutralizer that effectively eliminates foul odors, including ammonia & sulfur compounds
  • Chelating agent for preventing hard water scale buildup
  • Detergents for cleaning, preventing buildup of odor-causing bacteria, & reducing formation of biofilms
  • OPTIONAL – Added essential oil based fragrances can be added to bring a light, clean scent to restrooms


Which automatic system is best for you facility?

The AeroWest & OdoSan Drip Units automatically & continually dispense our new formula into toilets & urinals 24/7. Both units operate on a wick-based system, eliminating the need for electricity or batteries. The specially designed wicks ensure a carefully measured amount of solution is dispensed to last for the entire 28 day service period.


It is our original drip system that’s been loved by our customers for over 100 years now. Over the decades, the AeroWest has evolved into a highly optimized & trusted odor control device for high traffic restrooms. It’s larger than the OdoSan Drip for more industrial facilities.


The OdoSan Drip operates similarly to the AeroWest. Both drip units are engineered with a wicking system to dispense measured amounts of odor control & cleaning fluid into toilets or urinals. The OdoSan is the preferred drip unit for those desiring a compact, upscale appeareance. It comes in both white and chrome, whereas AeroWest comes in white only. It’s great for hotels & restaurants.

2) Odoff Odor Neutralizer – Targets and eliminates odors at the molecular level

Odoff works at the molecular level, targeting odors directly at the source. It works WONDERS on urine odors! The Odoff solution attacks ammonia, sulfur compounds & reactive fragrances. The odors of urine and the ammonia it creates are neutralized, not just masked. Odoff is also extremely effective on hydrogen sulfide from fecal odors.

3) Odoff Urinal Mats – Ultra Absorption and Kills Urine Odors on Contact

Stepping in another persons urine is not only gross, but it’s a slipping hazard. The urine on the floors get trapped around the base of urinals and in the grout. The best way to prevent this is through the use of urinal mats and thorough cleaning. We offer deodorizing urinal mats and replace them every 30 days to keep your restrooms fresh and to keep your floors clean.

NEW! Odoff Urinal Mats – Our new Odoff Urinal Mats keep restrooms fresh & clean. Contain Odoff odor neutralizer to eliminate urine odors around the base of the urinal. Higher absorption capacity keeps floors clean. All urinal floor mats are moppable & won’t impede regular mopping.

4) 99% Anti-Splash Urinal Screens Provide Amazing Fragrance & Odor Neutralization

AeroWest Urinal Screens smell AMAZING! Our urinal screens feature anti-splash technology & long-lasting fragrance. Urinal screens will smell great for up to 30 days. Not only do they smell great, but they contain beneficial bacteria to eliminate odors & they keep drains clear.

5) Double Toilet Bowl Clip: Outperforms traditional clips with 3x’s the fragrance

Once you treat the source of the odor, we recommend incorporating fresh scents to give your customers the impression of cleanliness.

AeroWest’s patented Double Toilet Bowl Clips are designed with increased surface area for 3 x’s the fragrance release & a secure fit on any size toilet. Our clips come in the following fragrances:

  • Cucumber Melon
  • Lemon
  • Mango
  • Spiced Apple
  • White Linen

Learn more about our Double Toilet Clips!

6) WURV – Destroys Odors in Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals not only stink, but they require replacement cartridges and extra maintainance. The WURV does the work for you, while saving money and reducing maintenance issues.


If you’ve disinfected your entire bathroom but still have an offending odor present, check your floor drains. Commercial restrooms have floor drains to catch the water from overflowing toilets. These drains can be breeding grounds for bacteria. These drains will also emit odors if the drain trap dries out, letting sewer gas escape. Fortunately, AeroWest has a simple solution for this. Our drain control program contains drain valves and deodorizing drain fluid to completely eliminate all drain odor issues.

Drain Valve Odor Control

AeroWest drain valve and deodorizing drain fluid eliminates and prevents odors from commercial floor drains

Bacteria on the Ceiling

Flushing the toilet can spread bacteria onto the ceiling. Wipe the ceiling down with a quality disinfectant several times per year to maintain a safe, sanitary restroom and eliminate any potential odors coming from bacteria on the ceiling.

Air Fresheners for Your Restrooms

WiseAir Air Freshening Fan – Evenly disperses high quality essential oil based fragrances throughout the restroom. Comes in dozens of specially crafted scents. Unlike aerosols, the WiseAir does not make a sticky mess on the floor and does not contains harmful VOCs.`

Prevent Spread of Germs with Professional Hand Care Services

Use touchless, automatic hand soap & hand sanitizer dispensers. Our hand care services include touchless dispensers and we’ll make sure you never run out of soap or sanitizer again. (FYI, our hand soap smells amazing!)

How to Clean Public Restrooms

For more tips on cleaning public restrooms, click here.

Odor Removal Services Across the U.S.

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