When Cleaning Isn't Enough, Use AeroWest

Automatic Cleaner, Deodorizer, & Descaler for Continuously Fresh Restrooms

AeroWest keeps your restrooms smelling fresh and clean!

• 24/7 Odor Protection

• Automatic dispensing system

• Refilled every 28 days to end unpleasant odors

• Long-lasting odor counteractants

• Constant, noticeable fragrance all month long


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The Original Automatic Drip System

Delight your customers & transform your restrooms into a place of wellness.


AeroWest Fluid contains:

  • Cleaning Fluid – Keep toilet clean and reduce bacteria
  • Odoff Odor Neutralizer – Eliminate odors directly at the source
  • Chelating Agent – Remove scale buildup and prevent scaling

For added luxury, try any of our 50+ essential oil based fragrances in your drip system.