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We create great first and lasting impressions for your customers. Our expertise consists of cutting-edge odor removal and scent marketing. Our passion for fragrance has made us experts at curating memorable customer experiences through scent. Let us help you eliminate odors or express your brand and create an unforgettable customer experience.

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Established in 1883, AeroWest International is a privately held company with the distinction of being the leading odor control and scent marketing company. We create an inviting ambiance by targeting and engaging your customers’ sense of smell with pleasant aromas that positively enhance their emotions and satisfaction levels. We develop, manufacture, and service our own line of proprietary odor control, odor neutralization, air freshener, and air ambiance products. We continue to extensively research and develop new fragrances and cutting-edge solutions for odor control and scent marketing.

For over a century, our products have been providing trusted, effective odor control and ambiance creation throughout the U.S. and to over 30 countries worldwide.

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Experience Fragrance

A growing body of research is showing the importance of customer experience in enhancing revenue. According to a study by Walker, researchers believe that by 2020 customer experience will outpace even pricing and product features as the key brand differentiator.

Every brand has the opportunity to create extraordinary customer experiences (CX), & it doesn’t have to be expensive! You can create simple moments of delight through the way your store looks, sounds and smells.

The use of fragrance gives your brand life by wowing customers and making their overall experience more memorable. Scent your brand & gain loyal, happier customers, eager to share their experience with friends. We accomplish this by helping you properly use “Olfactory Triggers” to maximize buying and yield positive outcomes to negotiation challenges.

Our Mission

To enhance business environments, improve customer perception and satisfaction, and create distinct brand identities using our own custom fragrances and odor control solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to add value to our customers’ operations by providing customized, effective solutions to their ambiance creation and odor control needs.

With our current Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Maria Bhacca, as the major shareholder, AeroWest is a proud and certified Women’s Business Enterprise as well as a Woman Owned Small Business.