Who We Are

Since 1883, AeroWest has been a trusted manufacturer and service provider of odor control, air freshening, and hygiene solutions. We're a family-owned business committed to developing products that make life easier for cleaning professionals. Using our decades of expertise and specialization, we deliver products and services to help achieve safer, cleaner facilities.

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Over a Century of Fascinating History

AeroWest was established in 1883 in Long Island City, NY as the West Disinfecting Company. We are the nation’s oldest manufacturer of products for the promotion of industrial and institutional odor control and environmental hygiene. In 1884, AeroWest began as a producer of coal-tar disinfectant for home use. From this modest start, in what was then an entirely new industry, we have introduced hundreds of items that promote public health, better building maintenance, and new standards of hygiene. AeroWest pioneered the use of liquid soaps, roll paper towels and its exclusive restroom deodorizers.

The former President of the West Disinfecting Co., Emil Taussig, perished when the Titanic sank on April 13, 1912. Mr. Taussig willed shares of the company to his wife and daughter who survived the shipwreck. Despite this tragedy, AeroWest persisted and endures to this day.

130+ Years of Business Excellence Continues

Through continuous research and innovation, AeroWest remains one of the foremost organizations of its kind in the world – and the reason you find AeroWest products used by so many of the nation’s largest hospitals, schools, hotels, plants and office buildings – in virtually every type of public restrooms, including planes and buses.

To this day, AeroWest’s strength is still the excellence of the products & services we provide to our customers. We maintain modern laboratories and promote extensive R&D programs in line with our original concept of service to the health and safety of the public.

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The Future of Hygiene

Established in 1883, AeroWest International is a trusted company with the distinction of being a pioneer in restroom odor control and environmental hygiene. We develop, manufacture, and service our own line of proprietary odor control, air freshening, and hygiene products. As the industry and the public demand higher levels of hygiene, we’ve expanded into scent marketing to improve facility perception.

We create an inviting ambiance by targeting and engaging your customers’ sense of smell with pleasant aromas that positively enhance their emotions and satisfaction levels. AeroWest also continues to extensively research and develop cutting-edge technologies to improve public health.

For over a century, our products have been providing trusted, effective odor control and ambiance creation throughout the U.S. and to over 30 countries worldwide.

Our Mission

To enhance business environments, customer perception and satisfaction, and create distinct brand identities using our own custom fragrances and odor control solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to add value to our customers’ operations by providing customized, effective solutions to their odor control and hygiene needs.

With our current Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Maria Bhacca, as the major shareholder, AeroWest is a proud and certified Women’s Business Enterprise as well as a Woman Owned Small Business.