AERO-FLOOR Instantly Eliminates Urine Odors

Odor Eliminator for Floors

Eliminate urine odors in seconds with Aero-Floor, our new mopping solution for restroom floors and hard surfaces.

Urine trapped around toilets, urinals and in between grout lines can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The more the bacteria proliferates, the worse the odor becomes. Urine can remain on tiles, grout, behind the fixture, and can be spread throughout the restroom on shoes. Aero-Floor combats urine odors, even in the toughest spots.

  • Odor eliminating mopping solution
  • Formulated to dissolve urine odors
  • Kills odors trapped in grout lines
  • Light, clean scent
  • Long-lasting concentrate
  • Non-slippery

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