In 2021, restroom hygiene and sanitation are on the minds of all facility managers. Commercial restrooms face magnified scrutiny as customers remain leery of sharing public facilities. In response, businesses throughout the U.S. have closed their restrooms. Other facilities are searching for solutions to make their restrooms visibly cleaner and safer.

I do think that bathroom closures – or even open bathrooms – have added to people’s stress of being away from home during COVID-19,” Burke said. “Using the bathroom in a public place is now fraught with dangers (such as potential COVID spread) that we never considered until recently.” – Brian Burke, Professor of Psychology at Fort Lewis College


Customers are rightly concerned about restroom hygiene. Restrooms are one of the most commonly used areas of any facility. Plus, social distancing is difficult in restrooms due to their typically small size. The CDC lists these restroom features as some of the most high touch surfaces in your facility:

  • Doorknobs
  • Countertops
  • Handles
  • Toilets
  • Faucets
  • Sinks


As a restroom products manufacturer and service provider, AeroWest keenly understands the challenges encountered by facility managers. We hear their most pressing concerns and the concerns of the public. We’ve seen a tremendous surge in the use of automatic cleaning products, toilet seat sanitizers, air care solutions, and especially touch-free technologies. We’ve ramped up production and expanded service routes to assist more businesses in adopting stricter hygiene standards.

Customers have become acutely aware of their surroundings, scrutinizing the cleanliness of the space around them. They’re cognizant of every surface they touch. Never before has there been such a keen awareness of public restroom cleanliness. Restroom hygiene has become the top priority of facility managers and their customers.

These are real concerns that pose challenges to facility management teams and environmental service departments in every sector. Even before the pandemic, the cleaning industry placed a big emphasis on restroom cleanliness. But now, it’s come to the forefront of our whole society.


The days of cleaning crews operating behind the scenes are over. The public wants to see evidence of improved hygiene. They need to know they’re being protected by seeing the cleaning take place. Customers want to see signs from service providers. They want to see updated technology in restrooms. Service providers like AeroWest and others make it so much easier to communicate cleanliness.


Toilet Concerns

Recent studies have shown that COVID can be spread through “toilet plume“. Toilet Plume is tiny droplets of water expelled by flushing toilets. These airborne pathogens come to rest on toilet seats and toilet handles. But what can you do? Flimsy toilet seat covers are ineffective and actually absorb bacteria.

COVID-19 Particles in Toilet Plume infographic

  • AeroWest recommends having AlcoCleanse Toilet Seat Sanitizer dispensers installed in your restroom stalls. AlcoCleanse enables people to easily sanitize the seat before they sit. The AlcoCleanse sanitizer is proven to kill 99% of germs on toilet seats.
  • Our AeroWest & OdoSan Drip Systems automatically dispense cleaning & deodorizing fluid into your fixtures 24/7, leave your toilets & urinals cleaner & odor free. The presence of the dispensers show customers that you’re taking action to provide a safer environment. Also available in a variety of fresh, clean scents to enhance air quality in restrooms.
  • Use toilet paper dispensers. Exposed toilet paper harbors germs.

Hand Hygiene

Hand cleaning and sanitizing has become our go-to COVID prevention strategy. Make hand cleaning easy for your staff and customers.

AeroWest provides touch-free, automatic hand soap & sanitizer dispensers to your restrooms with no charge for the dispensers or product. You only pay a service fee. Touchless dispensers prevent the spread of germs and reassure customers.

TIP: Upgrade your soap to provide aromatherapy benefits to customers. Essential oil fragrances such as lavender provide a calming effect that we could all benefit from.

Studies show that optimizing dispenser placement increases hand cleaning by more than 50%


Restroom odors are a huge red flag to your customers. Walking into a stinky restroom ruins your customer’s experience & lowers their impression of your whole business. Bad restroom odors have serious and lasting consequences & reflect the quality of service provided throughout your business. In fact, a recent survey by Cintas revealed 89% of people consider a restroom dirty if it smells bad.

The good news is, you can effectively prevent and eliminate bathroom odors for good. Commercial restroom odors are problematic all year round; however, the busier the facility, the more problems we see. We also tend to see more issues in warm, humid weather.

AeroWest has launched a powerful new odor control system to keep restrooms fresh and clean. This monthly service will take care of restroom odors for you. Learn more about what causes restroom odors and what you can do about it.


Stagnant water contains pathogens that contaminate indoor air & it’s a breeding ground for disease-carrying insects. We will treat your drains with environmentally friendly drain solution each month and install one-way drain valves to protect against gases, sewer odors, backflow, and insects.

Drain Valves for Protecting against pathogens


The condition of our restrooms communicates to our customers how much we care about their health, safety, and comfort. It’s not just about smelling and looking pretty. Most of all, it is about the health & happiness of your customers. A fresh, clean restroom promotes health, hygiene and lowers risk of spreading infection and disease.

Are you following these Best Practices for cleaning public restrooms?

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