Can COVID-19 Be Spread Through Toilet Plumes?

Let’s face it, most of us would prefer not to use public restrooms, particularly in the midst of a pandemic. Many people have been concerned with touching contaminated surfaces but it’s only recently that we’ve learned about the potential spread of COVID-19 through toilet plumes.

What is a Toilet Plume?

A toilet plume forms when someone flushes the toilet before closing the lid. “Potentially infectious aerosols may be produced in substantial quantities during flushing,” researchers wrote. “Aerosolization can continue through multiple flushes to expose subsequent toilet users.” Research indicates that fecal matter can be propelled up to 3 feet into the air in a toilet plume. The plume could play a role in the transmission of the novel coronavirus.

COVID-19 Transmission By Flushing the Toilet

toilet plume infographic

In February 2020, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention published a study confirming that COVID-19 patients have live virus in stool specimens. We now know that the virus is not only spread through close contact & respiratory secretions, but can also be transmitted through potential fecal-oral route, respiratory mucosa, & conjunctiva.

New Research Found Potential Route for Coronavirus Transmission

A new study out of China published in the journal Physics of Fluids on June 16, 2020, showed that flushing the toilet could result in “massive upward transport of virus,” with COVID-19 particles reaching more than three feet above the toilet and lingering in the air for over a minute.

Virus particles from the plume can float long enough to be inhaled by the next person to enter the restroom and contaminate nearby surfaces.

AlcoCleanse Toilet Seat Sanitizer
AlcoCleanse dispenser is installed in each stall, allowing customers to sanitize before they sit

Safe, Hygienic Solution to Toilet Plumes with AlcoCleanse

The unsettling reality of toilet plumes shown above demonstrates why all facilities need to have increased hygiene standards in their public restrooms. As a precaution, researchers recommend closing the toilet lid before flushing. In public restrooms with no lid, one of the best protections against toilet plumes is the AlcoCleanse Toilet Seat Sanitizer. Installed in each stall, they are simple to use & guarantee a clean toilet seat to everyone using your restrooms.

AlcoCleanse Toilet Seat Sanitizer allows your customers to sanitize the toilet seat before they sit in 3 simple steps:wiping COVID toilet plume off toilet seat

  1. Dispense toilet sanitizing formula onto toilet paper
  2. Wipe down toilet seat
  3. Sit with confidence

AeroWest provides full service for the AlcoCleanse. We install dispensers in each stall for free and refill the dispensers every 28 days.

Here’s why our customers love AlcoCleanse:

  • Allows users to quickly clean the toilet seat before use
  • Comforts & reassures users that the seat is clean & sanitized
  • Quick and easy-to-use
  • Dries immediately
  • Offers the same confidence as using one at home
  • Sanitizing formula contains over 70% alcohol plus skin conditioners
  • Leaves the toilet seat clean and 99% bacteria free
  • Eliminates the need for seat covers and saves time and labor.
  • No more toilet paper all over the floor
  • Your service representative installs free, loaned dispensers and re-fills them every 28 days.

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toilet seat sanitizer
Toilet seat sanitizer has become a popular method of combating the toilet plume

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