Smells Like Home: Scenting & Deodorizing Assisted Living Facilities

After deodorizing and scented nursing homes for decades, we’ve formulated a highly effective strategy for making these facilities smell like home.

First and foremost, we address odor sources to prevent bad smells before they spread.

Second, we apply subtle, pleasant ambient scenting to freshen the air without using any harmful aerosols or chemical sprays.

The Best Way to Remove Odors in Nursing Homes

Odoff Odor Neutralizer is designed to BANISH odors at the source. Odoff treats:

  • Urine & Fecal odors
  • Ammonia-based odors
  • Laundry odors
  • Food odors
  • Trash odors
  • Medical odors
  • Biological odors
  • Chemical odors

For patient rooms, we recommend OdoX. Odo-X is an ultra portable odor neutralizer that uses a powerful, high speed fan to circulate odor neutralizing Odocells to eliminate high concentrations of strong odors. Great for assisted living facilities.

Learn more about our Odor Control Solutions.

Ambient Scenting Service for Nursing Homes

Our experts will design a strategic scenting solution for your entire facility, without messy aerosols or dangerous chemicals. We offer professional air freshening products for spaces of all sizes.

Passive Air Freshening Products

Passive Air Fresheners are those products that do not require batteries, fans or propellants, and rely on natural air movement to deliver fragrance. This category includes hanging tags, stick-up air fresheners, reed diffusers, toilet bowl clips, urinal screens, solids and gel air fresheners.


“One of the best things about passive air fresheners is that they’re inconspicuous and can be placed literally anywhere you want. I keep a urinal screen under the seat of my car and EVERYONE raves over how good my car smells. You’d never know it was a urinal screen!” – AeroWest Customer


Choosing between active and passive air fresheners is somewhat of an art and depends heavily upon your needs, air flow, fragrance level desired, and the type of room/space. Because passive air fresheners must use natural airflow to circulate the fragrance, they’re recommended for areas of good ventilation. Room with poor air flow would be better served by an active air freshener that pushes out the fragrance on its own. But how do you know if you have good or bad air flow?

Signs of poor ventilation include:

  • high humidity
  • excessive dust
  • uneven temperatures (variation from room to room)
  • stale odors


Indoor air quality professionals frequently use these less common air freshening solutions for commercial and industrial clients who need maximum odor neutralizing power and optimal fragrance that cannot be achieved with the products you typically see on the shelves. Think of these as “Professional Air Fresheners”. Once you’re fully aware of all of your options, you can make the best decision for your home or facility. Here are some of the most effective air freshening products & our AeroWest counterpart.

Nebulizers (Professional Scent Machines)

Nebulizers (or nebulizing diffusers) are similar to aromatherapy diffusers, but with much greater customization options, therapeutic effects, and efficiency. Nebulizers are electrically operated and  “atomize” the scent particles to disperse fragrance evenly and consistently throughout the air. Because nebulizers break molecules down into such small particles, the fragrance lingers in the air longer due to their lighter weight and smaller surface area. Nebulizing diffusers optimize therapeutic effects, since they release essential oils directly into the environment and is not diluted with water vapor. Other diffusers increase humidity in the air because they use water as a carrier for the essential oils.




Similar to evaporative diffusers, air freshening fans are a top choice for commercial facilities. They’re safer & superior to metered aerosols. Metered aerosols are not recommended because they release harmful VOCs, stain the floor with large droplets, & may cause slipping hazards from heavy sprays of overpowering, unpleasant fragrance. Fan Air Fresheners, like the WiseAir, uses essential oil based fragrance oil with no harmful chemicals and disperses fragrance to all corners of the room via an active fan blade system.

Our WiseAir air freshening fans are uniquely engineered for superior, lasting freshness. Enjoy fresh, pleasant fragrance 24/7 without the mess of an aerosol. WiseAir fans can be used anywhere they’re needed such as hallways, locker rooms, waiting rooms, elevators, restrooms, laundry rooms & more.


Last but definitely not least: For restrooms, one of the most powerful odor eliminators available are high quality Drip Units. There are several companies with these products, but AeroWest designed the original drip unit in 1901, called the AeroWest, which is where we get our name from.  They provide air freshening, odor neutralizing AND automatic cleaning, all-in-one! These units are passive air freshening dispensers that automatically and continuously release fragrance, odor neutralizer, and cleaning agents into the toilet water 24/7. It makes the entire bathroom smell wonderful and attacks odors right at the source before they can be released into the air. What’s better than a battery & electricity free dispenser that makes the bathroom smell great AND cleans the toilets for you?

new odor control system
Get extraordinarily fresh restrooms with AeroWest OR OdoSan drip units. OdoSan pictured here above urinals.

Call us to get started with your customized air freshening service. We’ll help you choose the best air freshening devices & ensure they’re placed in the best locations throughout your facility. To request free fragrance samples, e-mail us at