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Achieve a fresh, odor-free environment throughout your facility, from your restrooms, lobbies, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, common areas, and executive suites with best-in-class odor control solutions personalized to your needs.

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Premier odor removal services for upscale facilities

Keeping your facility smelling clean and well-maintained requires effective odor removal products, keen attention to detail and constant upkeep – throughout every area of your facility

check box Gain reassurance that the best products available are always working for you

check box Powerful yet safe odor control products stop odors before they start

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Increase cost-savings and profitability with our strategic odor elimination service

  • Follow best practices for instantly and effectively removing odors
  • Never pay for odor control products or air care dispensers
  • No stock to maintain or refill
  • Avoid overpowering fragrance and irritants
  • Employ deodorizing technology that creates a greater sense of clean
  • Streamline your service with add-on hand washing and hand sanitizing options that reduce waste up to 40%
  • Enjoy on-time, affordable service by an experienced provide with over 100 years experience

Make Your Facility Smell as Clean as it Looks

“Our facilities actually smell clean now!” – Southern Louisiana Hospital

Create a fresh, clean-smelling environment for your customers and employees. We address your worst odor problems strategically and effectively to guarantee your satisfaction. You won’t find a more experienced, dedicated odor removal service out there.

From restrooms odors to trash odors, we have the optimal solution to meet your needs!

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odoff odor neutralizer

Odoff Odor Neutralizer

Odoff is a specially formulated odor neutralizing agent that provides exceptional odor neutralization to ensure odors are eliminated, not masked. Odoff is great for targeting a wide variety of odor issues at the source. The versatility of Odoff allows it to be used as an odor neutralizing spray on hard surfaces and carpets. It can also be used as a mopping solution and more.

  • Eliminates odors on contact
  • Widely applicable
  • Effective in eliminating odors from pets, smoke, food, restrooms & other stubborn odors, wherever they are found
  • Neutralizes odors at the molecular level
  • Highly effective against sulfur & ammonia compounds
  • Perfect solution for eliminating odors behind urinals & toilets


AeroWest Drip System for Toilets & Urinals

The AeroWest Drip for toilets/urinals automatically & continually dispenses our specially formulated AeroWest “Odoff” odor neutralizer to attack and eliminate foul odors at the source, as well as chelants for descaling, & detergents for cleaning. The AeroWest
helps you maintain a higher standard of hygiene in all of your restrooms 24/7.

  • Automatically dispenses drip formula into toilets/urinals
  • Contains Odoff, a powerful odor neutralizing solution effective against ammonia & sulfur compounds
  • Releases fluid continually to eliminate odors
  • Prevents build up of odor-causing bacteria
  • Reduces formation of biofilms
  • Chelating agent prevents hard water scale buildup
  • Made of tough, flexible, easy to clean polypropylene
  • Long-lasting, trouble free dispenser can be used for years
  • Unlike most odor control devices, the AeroWest is molded in one piece, with no moving parts or separate components
  • Simplicity of design & function – no batteries or electricity required
  •  For added fragrance, choose from a wide range of fresh, essential oilbased fragrances

OdoSan Drip System for Toilet & Urinals

OdoSan Automatic Drip
OdoSan Drip System automatically cleans and freshens restroom fixtures 24/7

The Odo-San Drip is the newest addition to our drip systems. The OdoSan for toilets/urinals automatically & continually dispenses our specially formulated OdoSan “Odoff” odor neutralizer to attack and eliminate foul odors at the source, as well as chelants for descaling, & detergents for cleaning. Designed to be smaller & more compact, the Odo-San has a more upscale appearance. Developed to meet the needs of public facilities such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and office buildings.

  • Eliminates odors, cleans, & descales toilets/urinals
  • Contains Odoff, a powerful odor neutralizing solution for ammonia & sulfur compounds
  • Reduces formation of biofilms
  • Can be installed directly into fixture or in-line into the piping
  • Chelating agent prevents hard water scale building & removes existing scale
  • Made of tough, flexible, easy to clean polypropylene
  • Long lasting, trouble free dispenser can be used for years
  • Simplicity of design & function – no batteries or electricity required


Our Double Toilet Clips are innovative, patented devices uniquely engineered to fit securely on toilets of all sizes.

  • Customer Favorite
  • Releases up to 3x the fragrance of a traditional toilet clip
  • Double saddle-like design prevents clips from falling into toilet, causing $$$ plumbing issues
  • Long-lasting, consistent fragrance all month long
  • Available in Cucumber Melon, Spiced Apple, Lemon, Cherry, & White Linen
  • Versatile – Can be used on restroom partitions, clipped onto desk, placed in cabinets, & more
  • Pair with WiseAir fan in same or complimentary scent


Our WiseAir air freshening fans are uniquely engineered for superior,
lasting freshness. Enjoy fresh, pleasant fragrance 24/7 without the mess
of an aerosol. WiseAir fans can be used anywhere they’re needed such as
hallways, locker rooms, waiting rooms, elevators, restrooms, laundry rooms
& more.

  • High performance, fan-operated air freshener
  • Great air freshening solution for small to medium-sized rooms & restrooms
  • Comes in two sizes:
    • WiseAir covers up to 200 sq. ft.
    • WiseAir Select covers up to 400 sq. ft.
  • Provides effective, consistent odor control 24/7
  • Upscale, contemporary design
  • Provides aromatherapy benefits with great essential oil based fragrance options
  • Enhanced active fan blade system evenly disperses fragrance throughout the room
  • Does not use a hazardous aerosol, which contains harmful chemicals and sprays large droplets onto clothing or the floor


WestAir Nebulizing Diffuser Scent Machine

WestAir Nebulizing Diffuser

The WestAir is a beautifully designed, professional scenting device that uniquely diffuses essential oils in any business environment, in order to enhance emotions, influence consumer behavior and employee mood. Unlike traditional diffusers, the WestAir is engineered to atomize the essential oils into micron size particles for longer-lasting, consistent fragrance, greater efficiency, maximum fragrance dispersion, and enhanced aromathereapy benefits.

  • Professional quality scenting solution
  • Superior fragrance dispersion
  • Highly customizable to your preferences
  • Programmable on/off timer to operate when desired
  • Programmable fragrance intensity settings
  • Wall mountable & HVAC compatible
  • Covers 10,600 to 14,100 cubic feet
  • Other units available to cover larger areas
  •  Secure, lockable unit
  • Excellent for lobbies and large meeting spaces in hotels, hospitals, nursing, homes, professional offices, luxury stores and convention centers with the aim of enhancing the customer experience with a sophisticated and elegant ambiance.


Odoff Urinal Mats are the ultimate urinal floor mats. These high quality mats are enhanced with our powerful, Odoff odor neutralizer for exceptionally fresh, clean restrooms.

  • Mats contain Odoff to eliminate urine odors on contact
  • Improved, non-slip backing provides a safer, drier floor surface
  • Adheres securely in place without damaging floors
  • Ultra high absorption for safe, sanitary floors
  • Moppable – Performance is unaffected by light, damp mopping over surface
  • Protects floors from uric acid damage
  • Designed for high traffic zones
  • Versatile & works on any surface from vinyl, to decorative tiles, to concrete
  • Prevents cross contamination of urine from the restroom to other areas
  • Improves facility’s appearance by eliminating “unsightly” puddles



OdoX is a powerful, portable, professional grade odor control system, all in one easy-to-use carrying case. Using innovative, Odocell technology, OdoX effectively neutralizes odors at the molecular level. It’s convenience & portability provide the ultimate odor control, whenever & wherever you need it.

  • POWERFUL – Powerful, high speed fan circulates odor counteractant at adjustable speeds of up to 3000 RPM.
  • Designed for eliminating high concentrations of strong, stubborn odors
  • ULTRA-PORTABLE – Bring OdoX wherever you need it. Comes in a light carrying case (13”x16”x4”).
  • FAST – Eliminates stubborn, persistent odors in minutes
  • EASY TO USE – Simply plug it in & switch it on for instant deodorizing
  • Great for health care facilities, hotels, restrooms, kennels, locker rooms, meeting rooms, refuse areas, where food has spoiled, after fires & floods
  • Effective against odors caused by incontinence, cancer, pets, decay, smoke, bacterial growth, liquor, beer, mildew & more
  • Portable case dimensions: 13”x16”x4”
  •  The unit can be loaded with 1 – 5 Odocells



Aerofresh HVAC Deodorizer effectively eliminates bad odors from the air handling system and improves indoor air quality. Bio-based deodorizing technology absorbs malodors, while releasing fresh, mint fragrance throughout the facility.

  • Bio-based, biodegradable product effectively absorbs odors
  • Compact, self-contained tub designed to be inserted directly into HVAC system
  • One 2-pound block will deodorize up to 1200 sq. ft. for at least one month
  • 2-lb block will deodorize a 15 ton system for 30 days
  • Gelled block uses innovative technology to neutralize malodors at the molecular level
  • Simple to use – Open tub, place block on lid & place in HVAC
  • Provides aromatherapy benefits of peppermint essential oil, which has long been used to relieve headaches and tension, increase alertness & energize
  • Circulates refreshing mint fragrance throughout facility

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