Get Professional Odor Control with Odoff Odor Neutralizer

Odoff is a professional quality odor neutralizing product made by AeroWest, designed for powerful odor elimination in commercial and industrial environments.

The Best Way to Eliminate Bad Odors

Odoff Odor Neutralizer spray

All types of facilities struggle with odor problems, from hospitals to food production facilities. The key to successfully eliminating odors is to treat the source of the problem.

The culprits of these malodors are often hydrogen sulfide, ammonia compounds, and chemicals known as mercaptans. Hydrogen Sulfide produces the familiar stench of rotting eggs, whereas mercaptans have a wide range of pungent smells. Mercaptans can smell like garlic, cabbage, rubber, skunk, asparagus, corn or molasses.  Ammonia is another common odor source, which produces fishy odors and urine smells.

Odoff Odor Neutralizer targets and eliminates these odors at the source in a matter of seconds!

How Does Odoff Work?

Odoff offers a superior way to eliminate odors. Unlike other odor neutralizing products, Odoff is non-toxic, affordable, non-allergenic, and works instantaneously. It chemically reacts with sulfides, mercaptans, & ammonia, to not only neutralize odors but prevent them from returning.

Other Types of Odor Neutralizing Products


Odor control agents often use bactericides to neutralize odor causing bacteria. Other products use perfumes to mask bad odors, or compounds that encapsulate malodors to remove them. However, most of these are ineffective, offering the substitute of strong pine odor, or “hospital” smell to disguise the fact that they are not doing a very good job of removing odors.

Enzyme Products

Enzyme products have also been used to counteract odors.  Alternatively, these products organically break down the odor causing substances over a period of time. Unfortunately, they act slowly and pose health hazards, which is why you do not see enzyme sprays for everyday use.

Why Odoff is the Best Product for You

Because it is a safe, instantaneous, fragrance-free solution to your worst odor problems. 

  • Removes odor causing chemicals from water and air
  • Prevents odors from returning
  • Even a single application at microscopic levels works for up to 10 days
  • Does not leave behind messy residues
  • Effective against Sulfur odors
  • Simple to use: Spray in the air, carpets, flooring
  • Available as Ready-to-Use Spray or in formulations for use with other AeroWest products

Recommended Uses

new odor control system
Get extraordinarily fresh restrooms with our Odoff Urinal Mats, Odoff Drip Units and other Odoff products

We recommend Odoff for:

  • Restroom Odors
  • Food Odors
  • Drains
  • Industrial Odors
  • Biological Odors
  • Medical Odors
  • Smoke Odors
  • Flooded buildings
  • Pet Areas

Application Areas

Here are a few places you can use Odoff to eliminate odors and improve air quality:

Health Care Facilities | Hotels | Factories | Nursing Homes | Refineries | Retail Spaces | Restaurants | Schools/Universities | Sports Arenas | Casinos | Convention Centers


We offer Odoff & Odoff Products as part of our Odor Control Services. Call us at (225) 302-5570 or e-mail to get started today!