There are many odor control options on the market and the choices can be overwhelming and expensive. Often, you have to buy different products to address different sources of odors. But first, you have to identify the source of the odors. Are you tempted to just throw your hands up and spray some Febreeze?

WARNING: Don’t let that stinky facility be yours!

With today’s air care technologies, there’s no need to worry about smelly spaces. Your facility can be recognized for being exceptionally clean and fresh!

Make it easier on yourself. Take out the guesswork and money spent on ineffective, odor masking products & let the professionals do it for you. It’s a truly low cost service with extraordinary and unexpected benefits.

77% of customers leave with a negative perception of a facility with stinky restrooms. We encounter gross restrooms all the time. It’s time-consuming and hard to keep up with heavily trafficked facilities. So, is it worth it to invest in an odor control program? The answer is a resounding yes and here’s why!

Inviting Entrance

Good scents & a kind smile go a long way!

There’s no better way to greet a customer than with scent and a smile!

The very first thing your customer notices upon entering your building is how it smells. A nice, inviting scent sets the tone for their entire experience.

Fresh Restrooms

The cleanliness of your business is judged by the condition of your restrooms. If your restrooms stink, and they’re accessible to the public, your customers are left to let their imaginations run wild about the conditions behind the scenes. Keeping restrooms fresh tells customers that you take the time to thoroughly clean & that you consider the details of their entire experience.

Products/Services Feel More “High End”

Scent has a powerful influence on our perception. In fact, research shows that scented environments are perceived as higher end and more luxurious. Your products will be perceived as being of higher quality than those in unscented spaces; thus, customers are willing to pay more.

Sense of Luxury

Take control of the ambiance within your facility. Give it a luxurious or soothing vibe. You can curate the environment through the use of scent.

Creates a Sanctuary

inviting entrance

Make your facility an escape from the ordinary. When the customer steps through your door, they’ll notice a beautiful scent and instantly feel uplifted. Pleasant scents lifts the mood by up to 40%. Imagine if your customers and employees could feel 40% better! They’d want to return again and again for the experience.

Treat for the Senses

It’s a sensory delight for your customers. Scent is an often overlooked aspect of interior design. To this day, customers of Abercrombie & Fitch still reminisce over the awesome scent that filled their stores. That could be you! It shows you went the extra mile to create a pleasing environment for your customers & they’ll appreciate it.


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