What is Scent Marketing and is it For You?

What is Scent Marketing? Will it Benefit You? Scent is evocative. Ephemeral. Elusive yet unforgettable. Your nose captures the unseen world around you, often below your level of awareness. What do you smell right now?  Each day there are invisible scent molecules swirling around you, shaping your decisions subconsciously. Scents are constantly etching memories of … Continued

How to Communicate Cleanliness & Reassure Customers

The Importance of Communicating Cleanliness As customers are slowly returning to their favorite public places, business owners are ramping up their cleaning efforts. The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed our perception of the world around us. We’re hesitant to touch objects in our vicinity. We find ourselves hesitant to shake hands and even to breathe … Continued