What is Cold Air Diffusion?

What is Cold Air Diffusion? Did you know that all of our WestAir Nebulizers and WestAir Diffusers feature cold air diffusion technology? So, what is it? And what are the benefits vs every other kind of diffuser out there? Cold Air Diffusion Cold air diffusion consists of a diffusion device where pure fragrance oils are … Continued

WestAir Battery Aroma Diffuser

WestAir Battery Aroma Diffuser Highly versatile, for taking amazing fragrance everywhere you go! Wow your customers with a beautifully scented facility & unforgettable ambiance. This compact aroma diffuser is powerful enough to scent an 800 ft² meeting space with high ceilings and customizable enough to subtly scent a 200 ft² office. Using advanced cold air … Continued