Supercharge Your Air Fresheners

When it comes to making your facility look and smell beautiful, a good air freshener is the perfect way to bring an inviting scent to your space. We’re here to help you get the most out of your air fresheners. If you find your fragrance fading away too quickly or not smelling strong enough, try these tips to supercharge your air fresheners.

Get the most out of your air freshening dispensers without constantly replacing the fragrance. We’ll explain how to:

  • Boost fragrance intensity
  • Extend life of the fragrance
  • Save money
  • Get more compliments!

The Best Air Fresheners are the Longest Lasting Air Fresheners

If you’ve ever spent your hard earned money on air fresheners that only last for 3 days, you understand the frustration!  The best quality air fresheners are the ones that last the longest. Fragrance duration depends on many factors, including the mechanism of fragrance release, ingredients, and the fragrance itself.

Not all fragrance are made equally. At AeroWest, we scent huge facilities across the world. To freshen 8-level stadiums and sprawling convention centers we’ve had to figure out how to get the most out of a fragrance. We’ve learned that using 100% pure fragrance OILS, as we use at AeroWest, will make your air fresheners last much longer.

The choice of fragrance also matters. Floral scents are shown to last longer than fruity scents, for example. To learn more about which fragrances last the longest, check out this article.

Layer Similar Scents

There’s a simple way to boost fragrance intensity. Find a scent you love and layer it with a matching passive air freshener, like AeroWest’s Deodorizing Clips. Our AeroFresh Deodorizing Clips and all of our fragrance oils contain a slow-release agent that ensures the fragrance lasts at least 30 days.

Change Fragrances to Prevent Noseblindness

After using the same scent for months at a time, our noses can no longer detect the fragrance. This is called nose blindness or fragrance fatigue.

All smells bind to a receptor on a special type of sensory nerve cell that detects scents. This nerve cell produces an electrical signal that reaches your brain. Your brain then goes on to process the scent. With repeated exposure to a particular smell, our nerve cells eventually stop sending electrical signals to our brains. As a result, you no longer perceive the scent.

Prevent noseblindness by simply switching up your fragrance. AeroWest has over 50 amazing fragrances to choose from OR we can help you create your own signature scent!

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