Eliminate Bad Odors Fast with OdoX: Powerful & Portable Odor Neutralizer

OdoX is one of the best odor eliminators on the market for hospitals, hotels and nursing homes. It’s convenience and portability provide the ultimate odor control, whenever and wherever you need it. Here’s why EVS Workers and Hotel Housekeepers love OdoX:

  • Works almost instantaneously
  • Designed for high concentrations of bad odors, including cancer odors, medical/biological odors, smoke odors, musty smells, restroom odors
  • Speeds up turnaround times for smelly hospital rooms and guest rooms
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use: Simply plug in and power on
  • Uses innovative Odocell technology to destroy odor molecules
  • No odor masking

Odox is a portable odor counteracting system that provides almost instant neutralization of high concentration of bad odors. It’s so convenient and ultra-portable, simply plug it in wherever you need it and in no time, odors are gone. The one-piece construction makes for easy cleaning.  It features a comfortable handle for convenient handling.

OdoX is a powerful, portable, professional grade odor control system, all in one easy-to-use carrying case.

Innovative Odor Eliminating Technology

Using innovative, Odocell technology, OdoX effectively neutralizes odors at the molecular level.

Provides true neutralization of high concentrations of bad odors in:

  • Hotel rooms and rental cars that have been smoked in
  • Cancer wards of hospitals
  • Urine based smells in nursing home rooms
  • Mold smells in poorly ventilated or damp areas
  • Trash or waste disposal areas
It’s so convenient and ultra-portable – simply plug in & switch on – in a very short time, odors are gone!

Product Features

  • A self-contained, portable hard case with high-speed fan
  • Contains holding rod for odocell odor neutralizers
  • Sealing container to prevent odocells from drying out when not in use

Product Benefits

  • Simple, plug-in solution for neutralizing high concentrations of foul odors
  • Easy to use – plug-in, remove sealing container to expose odocell and switch on – leave for 10-30 min, depending on level of malodor
  • Highly effective against:
    • Cigarette & marijuana smoke and residual malodors
    • Medical odors
    • Biological odors
    • Fecal odors
    • Mold & mildew odors



Made for use in the OdoX Box, OdoX Odocells are a rigid polymer foam (almost like a sponge) that holds practically 100% of its volume in odor counteractant, yet they never drip or spill like liquids do. They will never shrink, crust over or develop a “skin” as do gels. They’re non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-staining.

As Odocells are exposed to air, they gradually and steadily release the odor counteractant by capillary action to change the size and shape of odor molecules, so that we recognize the odorous molecules as something completely different and pleasant. Odocell vapors neutralize bad odors from sources like cancer, chemotherapy, burn centers, incontinence, animals, decay, bacterial growth, fire, smoke, liquor/beer, mildew, sewage, fish and garbage odors. Odocells are packaged in foil vapor bags to keep them fresh for a minimum of 1 year. They are small and compact (2.5″ x 4.5″) to allow up to 5 odocells to be used in the OdoX box.

NOTE: While OdoX holds up to five Odocells, each Odocell is equal to several wick or gel deodorants. Therefore, one or two Odocell blocks in the OdoX will solve most odor problems (2 is Recommended). There are five slots for additional blocks to handle the most extreme odor problems, or to allow space for fresh blocks when earlier placed blocks still have not exhausted their full effectiveness. AeroWest Service Techs simply deliver the Odocell packs to the customer each month.


There’s a fresh, new fragrance option for our OdoX Odocells available on our store. OdoX Blue Skies is a true odor counteractant that smells like fresh, summer air.

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