Air Care Fragrance Trends of 2024

Air care fragrance is complex, personal and subjective, yet we can clearly see trends in consumer preference that changes year after year. We’re highlighting the fragrance trends of 2024 based on the air care market, consumer insights, sales data and the overall marketplace to provide you insight and inspiration for your own home or office.


We hope you find valuable inspiration in these trends and discover new ways to apply the benefits of fragrance to your life.

Top 5 Fragrance Trends of 2024

What’s happening with fragrance in 2024?

Consumer research shows a heightened interest in fragrance ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a growing desire for a fragrance experience. Consumers are realizing the value in using fragrance to create a designed mood in the workplace and living space. In addition the fragrance experience, consumers are concerned with scent longevity. Here’s how the fragrance world is meeting the demand:

1.) Greater Fragrance Complexity

The evolution of air care fragrance is trending towards greater fragrance complexity and sophistication. Consumers still expect a “fresh and clean” scent; however, the definition of fresh and clean has truly expanded. Specialty fragrance brands inspire this category with creative interpretations of classic favorites. A world of new possibilities are being created by combining classic laundry-inspired fragrances with delicate florals, dew-kissed greens, and even sensual, smoky undertones that evoke a sense of warmth and elegance. Bold florals are also taking the stage, as we see demand for big floral notes like gardenia and magnolia.  Fragrance complexity presents exciting opportunities for exploration and creativity in air care.

Must-Have: Elevated Laundry Fresh Scents (AeroWest’s Berry Linen)

2.) Authentic Botanicals & Nature Scents

The desire for pure and natural fragrances is a dominate trend in 2024. Consumers seek to minimize synthetic ingredients with high quality, sustainably-sourced essential oils. Nature-infused fragrances offer mood enhancing benefits, provide aromatherapy and freshness. Interesting botanical combinations create opportunities for unique, artisanal formulations you can feel good about. The ability to replicate the authenticity of nature promotes a greater balance across mind, body and spirit. Learn more about how essential oils are made here.

Must-Have: Authentic Lavender and Forest-inspired Scents (AeroWest’s Lavender Chamomile or Eucalyptus Rosemary)

3.) Luxurious Self-Care

The transformative power of scent on mood has become wholeheartedly embraced. In fact, 33% of US consumers are willing to pay more for products with mood-boosting qualities (Mintel). The concept of “sanctuary living” is highly sought after, as consumers seek to curate their own environments to escape, unwind and improve self-care.

Fougere fragrances are having a special moment in 2024, with a surge in popularity, particularly in the luxury and self-care categories. Fougere is one of the major fragrance families. Generally, fougere fragrances feature citrus (bergamot) and lavender top notes, drying down into deeper base notes of oakmoss, herbs, spices and woody notes. These fragrances are popular in men’s cologne (think Abercrombie’s Fierce).

Must-Have: Salted Freshness, Sea Mist (AeroWest’s Citrus Water & Sea Salt)

4.) Cozy Scents All Year Round

Everyone loves warm, cozy scents in the fall and winter. However, in 2024, consumers want fragrances that create a cozy, comforting space all year long. Cocooning ambers, sophisticated mahogany, powdery florals and gourmand-inspired fragrances are leading the way in cozy scents. Notably, seasonal favorites like vanilla, cinnamon, and fruity/spicy combinations are increasingly used throughout the year.

Must-Have: Cozy Comforts (AeroWest’s Vanilla Opulence)

5.) Long-standing Favorites Expected to Continue in Popularity

In recent years, we’ve seen the same air care fragrances making it into the top 20 fragrances purchased by consumers. Expect to see demand for these top 5 fragrances of 2023 continue into 2024.

Top 5 Fragrances by Units Sold 

  1. Glade Clean Linen
  2. Glade Cashmere Woods
  3.  Glade Hawaiian Breeze
  4. Febreze Gain Original
  5. Febreze Linen & Sky

If you’re a fan of plug-in air fresheners, check out 2023’s most popular plug-in fragrance: Air Wick’s Lavender & Chamomile. And the most popular fragrance category? In 2023, “Ozone, Fresh & Floral” category dominated the air care market as the most purchased type of fragrance at 29.7%, followed by Fruit & Tropical at 16.1% (Nielsen).

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