New Fragrances for 2024

AeroWest is embracing the latest fragrance trends and making them easily available to you and your customers. We release new fragrances throughout the year and our 2024  early arrivals are now here! We have new fragrances for our WiseAir Air Freshening Fans, WestAir Nebulizing Diffusers, AeroWest Drip Systems and our passive air freshening devices.

Here are our first fragrance releases of 2024:

Maraschino Petals – New Fragrance for WiseAir/WestAir

Maraschino Petals is a BEAUTIFUL new fragrance perfect for Valentine’s Day and spring! Attendees at ISSA Show 2023 voted it as their #1 favorite AeroWest scent this year. It’s a lovely combination of sakura cherry blossoms, black currant, pink pepper, amber woods and tonka bean. Maraschino Petals is now available in WiseAir/WestAir gallons, quarts, and WiseAir pre-filled cartridges.

Berry Linen – Incredibly Versatile New Fragrance

Berry Linen is the fresh, clean scent you’ve been looking for. It’s versatile enough to be used anywhere fragrance is desired: restrooms, lobbies, offices, suites. Berry Linen features the fresh, inviting scent of clean linens, berry, fresh aldehydes, and white florals with base notes of sheer vetiver. Berry Linen is available in WiseAir/WestAir gallons, quarts, and WiseAir pre-filled cartridges.

Lemon Drop – Fragrance for AeroWest Drip Units

After a year of testing and perfecting our top-selling lemon fragrance, we’re excited to an to offer Lemon Drop in the AeroWest Drip Unit! Lemon Drop is jam-packed with top quality essential oils for a natural, clean lemon fragrance blended with a subtle note of calming lavender. Try combining Lemon Drop with our Lemon toilet clips, Lemon Passive Stick-Up Air Fresheners, and Lemon Drop WiseAir Fans to keep restrooms lemony fresh all month long.

Floral (Lavender) – New Fragrance for Passive Stick-Up Units

We now have Floral (Lavender) Passive Stick-Up Air Fresheners to pair with your Floral Urinal Screens. The floral passives are lavender-scented and pair beautifully with Lavender Chamomile WiseAir & WestAir and the AeroSan Lavender Chamomile Hand Soap. Pair all 4 products for a boost of lavender fragrance.

Spring Orchid – New Fragrance for Double Toilet Clips and Passive Stick-Up Units

Spring Orchid is a lovely new floral scent now available in our Double Toilet Clips and Passive Stick-Ups. Spring Orchid pairs great with Super Floral Special, Springtime, and Super Floral.

More New Fragrances for WiseAir & WestAir:

• Citrus Water & Sea Salt: Fresh, marine-inspired scent of sea salt, bright citrus, ocean air and driftwood.

• Citrus Green Tea: Floral citrus fragrance with top notes of mandarin and bergamot peel, heart notes of green tea with base notes of cedarwood and sage.

Check out our full Fragrance Collection to see all AeroWest fragrances.