2023 Air Freshening Fragrance Trends for Businesses

2023 is a super exciting time for fragrances! You’ll love the best air fresheners for 2023 especially if you loved the 90’s & appreciate nostalgic scents. Trending fragrances of 2023 will feature nostalgia, and embrace minimalism and simplicity, expressed through natural earthy notes. We also anticipate lots of feel-good fragrances to wash worries away.


Top Fragrance Trends for 2023 Makes the Old New Again

Trending fragrances are a reflection of our world. Fragrance trends mirror trends in fashion, décor, and even food.  In 2023, everything old is made new again.

Fragrance trends for 2023 are shaped by:

  • the post-COVID world
  • the outbreak of war in Europe
  • inflation
  • diversity & inclusion
  • increased awareness of physical and mental health
  • longing for the past
  • environmental awareness

As a result, consumers are drawn by a desire for wellness, sustainability, and connection to nature.

Fragrance Trends of 2023

Here are the air care trends you can expect:


    Experience the scents of the past as a trend towards nostalgia emerges in air care and perfumery. People are eager to embrace good times and fond memories of the past. Nostalgic scents provides an opportunity to re-experience the the good, the crazy, the forgotten, and even the slightly embarrassing things of the past.

    Nostalgic fragrances evoke a sense of playfulness, escape, and joy. Old favorites are being reinvented and brought back to life. You can also expect to see scents with notes of fresh water, chocolate, sandalwood, ginger, and freshly cut grass.

    (AEROWEST RECOMMENDS: LUXE Elegance, Pure Comfort, Vanilla Opulence, Falling Leaves)

    In our fast-paced world, people desire a connection to nature. Nature fragrances represent a refuge, a source of well-being, and a means of healing and finding oneself. These fragrances allow you to experience mother nature through the power of scent. Expect fresh green scents, woody notes, and herbals packed with essential oils.
    There’s a growing emphasis on the use of sustainable ingredients & environmental friendliness, particularly in this category.

    (AEROWEST RECOMMENDS: Clear Lakes, Ocean Breeze, Forest Breeze)

    2023 fragrance trends are all about how fragrance makes you feel. Sensual fragrances are becoming extremely popular. They’re sophisticated and intoxicating while delivering a boost in confidence. You’ll find interesting combinations like a seductive florals contrasted with Italian leather. Envelope yourself in sensuality with intriguing notes of rose, violet, Italian leather, spice, tobacco, vetiver, and jasmine.
    (AEROWEST RECOMMENDS: Italian Leather, Jasmine Lotus, Fresh Timber, Hibiscus & Apple Blossom, Eucalyptus Rosemary, Rose)


    The growing awareness of physical and mental health has inspired the booming trend for wellness fragrances. Not only do these scents promote wellness, but sustainability and environmentally friendly scents will be very important. Conscious consumers are seeking out clean, sustainable scents designed to change our mood and energy levels. Popular fragrance notes include woody, citrus, bergamot, waterlily, amber & vetiver notes.
    (AEROWEST RECOMMENDS: Green Tea, Lavender Chamomile, LUXE Relaxing, Redwood Forest)


    Similar to the wellness trend, consumers want fragrances to boost their mood and trigger happy feelings. Feel-good fragrances like peach will dominate, along with bright citrus favorites like grapefruit, orange, and uplifting florals will continue to be very popular.
    (AEROWEST RECOMMENDS: Peaches & Plums, Grapefruit Splash, Orange Burst, Clean Linen, Clean Cotton)


  • BACK TO THE 90’s

    Fragrance follows fashion. Popular fragrances from the 90’s are coming back! Thanks to tik tok, millennials who did not get to experience the joy of the 90’s are discovering them now. Expect to see fragrances like bubble gum, honey, orange blossom, vanilla, & iconic perfumes like Clinique Happy

    AEROWEST RECOMMENDS: Cucumber-Melon, LUXE Stimulating


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