Beautiful Scents to Express Your Brand

Capture the hearts & imaginations of your
customers through the power of scent


Achieve Your Goals Through Scent

Scent marketing dramatically improves how your customers feel about you.

Scent marketing is NOT spraying store-bought air freshener and calling it a day!

It’s not new-agey voodoo.

It’s based on scientific research and elevated to perfection by trained “noses”.

In its truest form, scent marketing is the strategic use of scent to achieve the following:

  • Skyrocket customer satisfaction
  • Capture customer loyalty
  • Make your space smell heavenly
  • Be unforgettable
  • Be perceived as luxury & high quality
  • Increase sales
  • Increase time spent in your facility

It’s an often untapped but powerful way of uplifting your customers & building lasting connections.


What the numbers show

Studies reveal that the use of scent is profitable for business.

Here’s what the research says:

  • Pleasantly scented spaces improve mood by up to 40%
  • In the presence of scent, customers spend an average of 20% more
  • Scented spaces are perceived as higher-end & luxurious
  • Attractive scents entice customers to linger 44% longer
  • 75% of all our emotions are evoked through smell
  • Scent increases employee alertness, mood & productivity

Explore more Science Behind Scent, how its working for the world’s largest companies, & how it can benefit you!


We specialize in these industries:

  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Manufacturing
  • Government & Military

We Make Scent Marketing Simple

We’ve scented facilities since 1883. You can trust our expertise to ensure you receive excellent, streamlined service. We install scent machines in strategic locations throughout your facility to ensure it’s evenly and consistently scented without being overpowering. We help you choose your perfect fragrances and fragrance levels and maintain your scenting devices for you. We help you provide truly exceptional sensory experiences your customers will always remember!

Scent Recommendations

Get personalized scent recommendations for your facility or contact us for more information.