Odor Removal for Public Restrooms

Tired of fighting bad smells in your restrooms? Sick of spending money on products that just mask the stink? Don’t worry, we got exactly what you’re looking for. Lots of companies sell a product or two that’s supposed to eliminate odors, but they’re largely ineffective. At AeroWest, we have over 130 years of experience specializing in odor removal.

Our odor control technology works like magic! It might seem to good to be true, but try it for yourself.

Odor Control for Commercial Facilities

Every 28 days, our Service Tech will come by to treat stinky spaces throughout your facility. We use specially designed products to address odors at the source. First and foremost, we treat odors at the source. Then, we can add fresh, clean fragrance to make your bathrooms feel immaculate.

Let us help you get rid of odors for good! Call us at 225-302-5570.

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