Benefits of Air Freshening Service & Scent Marketing

Pleasant aromas create amazing first and lasting impressions on everyone entering your facility. AeroWest professional odor control service and air freshener service not only freshens the air, but greatly enhances the appeal and atmosphere of your facility. Professional air fresheners are of superior quality and last longer than air freshening sprays available to the public.

Commercial Air Fresheners are Worth it

Commercial air freshening products & services greatly expand your options. Today, technology has given us fantastic, innovative options for scenting professional spaces of all sizes.

scent marketing infographic

Provide Great Customer Experiences Through Scent

A strategic air freshening program provides the following benefits:

  • Customers will spend up to 20% more in the presence of scent
  • Scented areas are perceived as being upscale & of greater value
  • Attractive scents entice customers to linger up to 44% longer
  • 75% of all our emotions can be attributed to smell
  • Good smells improve moods of customers & staff
  • Your employees will be more motivated

AeroWest Has the Perfect Scenting and Deodorizing Solutions for You. We provide:

  • Restroom Odor Control
  • Ambient scenting services
  • Commercial air freshener service for your entire facility
  • Signature scents
  • Over 50 essential-oil based scents
  • Air freshening for lobbies, hallways, offices, conference rooms, HVAC systems, retail spaces, & more
  • Innovative odor neutralizing technology

Check out the trending scents of 2020. Learn more about the science of scent & the benefits of scent marketing service.

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