What Fragrances Are Capturing Consumers Noses in 2020?


2020 is an exciting year for fragrances. The fragrance industry experiences trends that come and go, just like the fashion industry. Of course, there are the classic scents that have been enduring “must-have” fragrances for years. But today, we’re going beyond the classics & talking about the most popular trends expected in commercial scenting this year that will delight your customers and employees. 


As the economy has improved, there’s a higher demand for luxury fragrances. We’re seeing more complex combinations that stand out without being overpowering, which is producing these luxurious scents. Here’s what’s trending:


Zen-like: As more consumers embrace aromatherapy and wellness we’ll see green & herbal essential oil based fragrances rise in popularity. These natural, botanical scents exude freshness & cleanliness. Look out for scents containing tea, grassy notes, sage, & aloe.


Gender Neutral: If you remember the ‘90’s, you’ll recall the popularity of CK One, an early example of gender neutral fragrance. Inherently, scents are neither masculine or feminine. However, musky and spicy scents have been widely perceived as “masculine” and soft, floral scents as “feminine”. The industry is pushing past this outdated concept & creating more personalized scents that appeal to the individual. Watch for interesting combinations of herbal, musk, and floral scents.


Citrus Fusions: Citrus is a super popular fragrance category, but this year we’ll see the rise in less common citrus fruits infused with well-balanced earthy herbal notes and musk. Rather than orange and lemon, expect to see mandarin, bergamot, tangerine, & pomelo. This trend takes classic fruit concepts and takes them to the next level.


Escape from Reality: You’re likely familiar with Glade’s Hawaiian Breeze. This trend is a more sophisticated continuation of that theme. These “escapism” fragrances use exotic florals,  tropical, & marine scents to transport consumers away from their daily reality. Who doesn’t need a bright, energizing scent once in awhile?


Sensual, Upscale: Warm, earthy scents inspired by nature and cozy textures will be popular. These fragrances are comprised of amber, dark woods, and smokey incense. This trend will bring out the rustic, woodsy scents perfect for creating an upscale ambiance. 


Sweet Treats: Those who love gourmand fragrances will be pleased to know that apple cinnamon will continue to be a bestseller in this category, plus we expect to see an increase in buttery toffee, nutty scents, as well as sweet treats infused with honey.


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