What is Cold Air Diffusion?

Did you know that all of our WestAir Nebulizers and WestAir Diffusers feature cold air diffusion technology? So, what is it? And what are the benefits vs every other kind of diffuser out there?

Cold Air Diffusion

Cold air diffusion consists of a diffusion device where pure fragrance oils are diffused as microparticles in the absence of water and heat. Heat can break down the essential oils, compromising the therapeutic value of specific essential oils. Therefore, this method ensures fragrance oils are fully preserved in undiluted form and maintain the therapeutic properties of the oil.

The cold air diffusion process begins with filtering air from the room into the diffuser. A built-in fan draws the air into the diffuser, dispersing the air through the fragrance oils. Next, the air is pressurized, breaking down fragrance oils into an ultra-fine mist. The resulting mist is then circulated throughout the room, giving you long-lasting scent coverage and full therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of Cold Air Diffusion

Cold air diffusers, like the WestAir Nebulizer, WestAir Wall-Plug Aroma Diffuser & WestAir Battery Aroma Diffuser use pure fragrance oils. They do not use water, alcohol, solvent, or heat. As a result, the mist is composed of pure, concentrated fragrance oil for a much stronger scent. It also delivers the following benefits:

  • Covers twice as much spaces as conventional plug-ins
  • No weak, diluted fragrance
  • Prevents messy residue
  • Avoids unnecessary substances released into the air
  • No heat required – saves energy
  • Prevents excess humidity in the air
  • Extends life of the diffuser
  • More potent fragrance
  • More effective than sprays, evaporative diffusers, and candles
  • Greater customization to meet your needs
  • Less maintenance
  • Simple to use
  • Safe and efficient fragrance dispersal
  • Greater aromatherapy benefits
  • Far more hygienic – no water means no mold, bacteria, contamination

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