Restroom Books to Celebrate World Book Day

World Book Day is a celebration of the enjoyment of books and reading. Each year, on April 23, celebrations take place all over the world to recognize the scope of book. Today, we recognize the strange, funny, and moving books about restrooms! Here are a few notable restroom reads.

No Place To Go: How Public Toilets Fail Our Private Needs by Lowe Lezlie

Take a toilet tour from London to San Francisco to Toronto and beyond. From pay potties to deserted alleyways, No Place To Go is a marriage of urbanism, social narrative, and pop culture that shows the ways public bathrooms just don’t work. Peel back the layers on public bathrooms and it’s clear many more people want for good access than have it. Public bathroom access is about cities, society, design, movement, and equity. The real question is: Why are public toilets so crappy?

Public Restroom Design by Jacky Suchail 

Forty designs show how the public loo can become public art.

In a massive effort to make them inconspicuous, public restrooms have been standardized, buried in underground bunkers, hidden behind walls and unmarked doors. At times, it seems our embarrassment with their very existence has led to an inability to provide sound sanitation.

This book presents a selection of over forty very diverse public restroom designs, in which toilets enjoy special status as a vehicle for various artistic and cultural expressions, corporate values and the needs of different social groups.

Toilet: Public Restrooms and the Politics of Sharing by Harvey Molotch 

So much happens in the public toilet that we never talk about. Finding the right door, waiting in line, and using the facilities are often undertaken with trepidation. Don’t touch anything. Try not to smell. Avoid eye contact. And for men, don’t look down or let your eyes stray. Even washing one’s hands are tied to anxieties of disgust and humiliation. And yet other things also happen in these spaces: babies are changed, conversations are had, make-up is applied, and notes are scrawled for posterity. Although what happens in the toilet usually stays in the toilet, this brilliant, revelatory, and often funny book aims to bring it all out into the open, proving that profound and meaningful history can be made even in the can.


The Complete What’s Your Poo Telling You by Josh Richman & Anish Sheth 
The #1 book about going #2 is back in a bigger, thicker package for a whole new generation of curious readers.

Includes more than 40 descriptions of two dozen types of poo:The Complete What’s Your Poo Telling You celebrates ten years of providing you with loads of facts about your bathroom health. This funny bathroom book takes an ultimately embarrassing and not-talked-about topic and turns it into a hilariously informative resource that is great for casual reading while in the loo.

Features over 40 descriptions of poo, plus sidebars, medical explanations, and loads of engrossing fun facts. Did you know animal dropping have specific names? This book is more than just toilet talk. It also includes facts about poo in the wild, what it means when you have “pungent pee,” and so much more.

Flush with poo knowledge backed by real professionals, it is not just entertaining to browse—The Complete What’s Your Poo Telling You actually contains relevant information for you to keep stored away.

While You Poop: Funny Bathroom Activity Book With Puzzles, Fun Facts, Mazes And Searches & Much More For Adults by David Wo 
Humor activity book with silly things to do whilst in the bathroom. Pocket-sized book to read in the bathroom while you wait for something to happen!

The Restroom Word Search by Dylan Stark
Let’s be honest, we could all use a break from scrolling through our phones while using the restroom. Replace the scrolling with some interactive word searching!
Features 40 PUZZLES on an extremely wide variety of topics.

Restroom Sudoku: Don’t Strain, Train Your Brain! by Mr. Michael W Coleman
Take advantage of your time and sharpen your mind! 60 Sudoku puzzles to keep you occupied.

The Lady Who Liked Clean Restrooms: The Chronicle of One of the Strangest Stories Ever to Be Rumored About Around New York Hardcover by J. P. Donleavy 
In an unusual and funny story, New York City resident Jocelyn Guenevere Machantiere, recently divorced, finds herself in financial straits and spends much of her time wandering the city intent on finding the cleanest public restrooms.

REST – a candid glimpse inside the public restroom by Kevin J Kauffman
A photographic journal of one man’s travels as he is driven on by his unnatural obsession with the public restroom, this compilation showcases the often overlooked individuality and diversity among these seemingly mundane portals to personal comfort that dot the landscapes of our daily lives.

How To Replace An Empty Roll Of Toilet Paper: An Instruction Manual by Nathaniel Erickson
This indispensable guide belongs in every bathroom. Whether you are changing a roll of toilet paper for the first time, or just need a refresher after years of experience, this illustrated manual is the only reference you need. Answers all the big questions: When? Why? How? It also includes advanced tips for experts, a quick guide for handy recall, and extra blank pages in the back in case you find yourself stranded without toilet paper.

Pooping dinosaurs: Funny Dinosaur poop Coloring Book Full of Fun Dinosaurs to Color by Far Hat Edition 
Need a good laugh?!this Pooping Dinosaurs coloring book for kids or grown ups (of all ages) is just what you’ve been looking for Then Pooping Dinosaurs is just what you need. Indulge your inner child as you color imaginative designs long held sacred by folks way more enlightened than you (but who probably also enjoyed a good poop joke). Are you on a path to peace and a tranquil connection to the universe, or are you just looking to color some pooping Dinosaurs and relax after a long day? Good news: all the above is achievable with this coloring book.

Crying in the Bathroom: A Memoir
by Erika L. Sánchez
From the New York Times bestselling author of I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, an utterly original memoir-in-essays that is as deeply moving as it is disarmingly funny

Growing up as the daughter of Mexican immigrants in Chicago in the ‘90s, Erika L. Sánchez was a self-described pariah, misfit, and disappointment—a foul-mouthed, melancholic rabble-rouser who painted her nails black but also loved comedy and dreamed of an unlikely life as a poet. Twenty-five years later, she’s now an award-winning novelist, poet, and essayist, but she’s still got an irrepressible laugh, an acerbic wit, and singular powers of perception about the world around her.

In these essays about everything from sex to white feminism to debilitating depression to the redemptive pursuits of spirituality, art, and travel, Sánchez reveals an interior life that is rich with ideas, self-awareness, and perception—that of a woman who charted a path entirely of her own making. Raunchy, insightful, unapologetic, and brutally honest, Crying in the Bathroom is Sánchez at her best: a book that will make you feel that post-confessional high that comes from talking for hours with your best friend.

The Ultimate Bathroom Reader: Interesting Stories, Fun Facts and Just Crazy Weird Stuff to Keep You Entertained on the Throne! by Bill O’Neill
Who doesn’t love a bit of random trivia now and then?
Or, for that matter, who doesn’t enjoy plucking some obscure tidbit of information from the back of their mind and dropping it into conversation?
Pick up The Ultimate Bathroom Reader, your ultimate source of interesting facts about a wide range of diverse topics.
This book is truly a quick read packed with information from cover to cover.
In this amazing trivia book, you will find out:
• Why did the nation of Sudan crash out of the Top 10 largest countries in 2011?

• Why did everyone at the very first Oscars’ ceremony already know who the winners would be?
• Why did the people of New York riot over the price of flour in 1837?
• How likely are you to be hit by the ball while in the stands of a baseball match?
• And so many more questions!
Collected here are some of the world’s most peculiar, astonishing, weird, and wacky facts and anecdotes, covering everything from sports to space travel, movies to medicine, Sherlock Holmes to Shakespeare, and football to pharaohs.
In simple terms, that is what The Ultimate Bathroom Reader is all about.
All of these facts plus hundreds more are listed here, in simple, bite-size chunks—with a few pop quizzes thrown in just to keep your brain ticking over! Who knows what you might pick up if you have a couple of minutes to spare?
The Toilet Papers: Places to Go, While You Go: a short story collection (horror, humor, sci-fi, adventure) Kindle Edition
by Jaimie Engle (Author)
Have you ever noticed that reading a book on the toilet takes forever?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have stories suited to your specific potty needs?
From the mind of critically acclaimed author, Jaimie Engle, comes The Toilet Papers: Places to go, while you Go. This collection of short stories ranges from 50 words to more than 50 pages, separated in categories labeled to fit your bathroom needs: NUMBER ONE, NUMBER TWO, and FARFROMPOOPIN.

The Managers Bathroom Book: Things you can learn in one sitting by Jay Andres
Bite-sized lessons in leadership
In our journey as Leaders, we are engaged in an ongoing process to learn. This process takes on many shapes and forms. The Managers bathroom book will provide you learning in short bursts, as the book is intended to cover topics with a focus on brevity.
If you enjoy learning in small increments of 3 to 7 minutes, this book will meet that need. In some cases, these lessons will confirm beliefs, in others it will prompt a deep dive on the subject matter.

Never Put a Cactus in the Bathroom: A Room-by-Room Guide to Styling and Caring for Your Houseplants by Emily L. Hay Hinsdale & Loni Harris
Create your own green indoor paradise with this beautifully illustrated room-by-room guide to bringing the outdoors inside—perfect for plant parents everywhere!

Decorating with plants adds a fresh, natural touch to any room. Potted plants can uplift a living space with serious mood-boosting power, reducing stress, improving air quality, and even providing fresh herbs for that next meal! But first, you have to keep them alive.

A Bathroom Book for People Not Pooping or Peeing but Using the Bathroom as an Escape by Joe Pera

The cozy comedy of Joe Pera meets the darkly playful illustrations of Joe Bennett in this funny, warm, and sincere guide to regaining calm and confidence when you’re hiding in the bathroom. Joe Pera goes to the bathroom a lot. And his friend, Joe Bennett, does too. They both have small bladders but more often it’s just to get a moment of quiet, a break from work, or because it’s the only way they know how to politely end conversations.

So they created a functional meditative guide to help people who suffer from social anxiety and deal with it in this very particular way. Although, it’s a comedic book, the goal is to help these readers:

1. Relax
2. Recharge
3. Rejoin the world outside of the bathroom

It’s also fun entertainment for people simply hiding in the bathroom to avoid doing work.

What Did We Use Before Toilet Paper?: 200 Curious Questions & Intriguing Answers by Andrew Thompson
Answers to the questions that keep you up at night—from Why is bellybutton lint generally blue? to Why does catnip affect cats? This witty and compulsive collection of trivia will captivate and surprise you with its fun and funky revelations.

Toilet Paper Origami on a Roll: Decorative Folds and Flourishes for Over-the-Top Hospitality by Linda Wright
Fold…crease…smile! Add joy and memorability to any bathroom with an artfully-folded roll of toilet paper. This book includes 33 beautiful designs that are easy for beginners. You’ll be an expert before you know it!

Discover a whimsical way to gussy up your guest bath, make a hotel distinctive, elevate a housekeeping business, or surprise your friends and family. It’s a fun craft for kids, a perfect potty-training reward for toddlers, and a delight for anyone!

Learn to make snow-capped mountains, shooting stars and swimming swans; palm trees, tropical fish, and ships at sea; fantastic fans, flowers and foliage; birthday cakes, candles and bows—plus assorted holiday and hospitality motifs.

Regarding the Bathrooms: A Privy to the Past Paperback by Kate Klise
Poor Principal Walter Russ. He’s desperate for designer Florence Waters to renovate the school’s disgusting basement bathrooms, and the stress is causing him to get, ahem, all clogged up. Luckily, during their stressful summer-school internships, the sixth graders discover the perfect way for everyone to relax: by enjoying an ancient Roman spa and bath buried in the school’s basement!

Bathroom Crochet Patterns: Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Bathroom: Bathroom Crochet Collections by Barry Winemiller
There is no limit to crocheting, you can beautify every living space with this amazing art. It can change the look of any space and can turn it from dull to attractive and beautiful. You can crochet many magical and interesting items from your crocheting hooks and crocheting art. I have shown you many different and interesting ideas about free crochet patterns in my previous posts. Which you liked a lot. And today I am going to present another interesting post about the crochet bathroom set. The bathroom is one of the most visiting places in our home which decorations keep much importance for us.