Choosing Air Freshening Scents for Stadiums

Get your facility game ready with energy-boosting fragrances that express your team identity!

We scent stadiums and arenas for professional and local leagues, including NFL stadiums and NBA arenas. Scent adds a powerful element to your stadium, creating a fully sensory game day experience.

Using professional scent machines and air freshening systems, we pump essential oil fragrances throughout facilities of all sizes. Choose from our 50+ proven fragrances OR let us create a signature scent unique to your facility.

Thrill Your Fans With Team-Inspired Fragrances

Treat your fans to team-inspired scents! AeroWest can help you design the perfect signature scent.

A signature scent is a scent designed specifically for YOU! We design fragrances based on:

  • 📣 your fans
  • 🏈 team identity
  • 🎯 local culture
  • 🍻 desired ambiance or atmosphere

Our goal is to create fan-pleasing, memorable scents to bring your game day to life!

But that’s not ALL we do.

Prevent Odors at Big Events

It takes your whole team to prep for game day and large events. Fans rarely see the long hours spent “behind-the-scenes” in preparation for big events. Yet, fans do notice when things go wrong, like running out of hand soap, toilet paper or smelly restrooms. When there’s toilet paper all over the floor and none in the dispensers, fans take notice.

Many stadiums try to have a restroom attendant on hand, but with staffing shortages across our industry, it’s not always possible.

That’s why we offer full-service odor removal and restroom hygiene services. We help you keep busy restrooms FRESH and well-stocked.

AeroWest service techs visit your site every month (or more upon request) to refill and refresh air freshening systems and dispensers. We’re also available to stop in before your next big event to ensure your facility smells amazing for the big day.

Learn more about our odor removal services here.

Free Trial of Stadium/Arena Air Care

If you’d like to try out our Stadium Air Care services, give us a call today at (225) 302-5570 or shoot us an e-mail here.