Inspiring Workspaces: Office Air Fresheners

Have you ever had the experience of working with an energized, inspired team? What a difference it makes! When your employees & colleagues feel motivated and inspired at work, the whole company benefits. Research has shown that employees show increased productivity in the presence of scent. That’s just one of many benefits. There are many other ways scent will help you succeed. We’re here to help you choose the best air fresheners for offices or areas within your facility. Read on for tips on choosing the best scenting device & fragrance for your workspace.

Air Freshening Options for the Office

The first thing that comes to the minds of most people when you mention air freshening is spray air freshener.
This is unfortunate because there are many more effective, safer, environmentally friendly options available these days.

When choosing an air freshener for your office, keep these rules in mind:

  1. SUBTLETY IS KEY – You don’t want an overpowering scent that will irritate employees with allergies. To truly see the benefits of scent, all you need is a faintly perceptible, background aroma. Surprisingly, our brains respond positively to very light levels of scent.
  2. CONSIDER SIZE OF THE SPACE – Choose an appropriate scenting device for your space. Look for how many square feet the device covers. There are options for scenting your ENTIRE building or just select spaces, such as executive offices or lobbies.
  3. NEVER MASK ODORS – If you have a foul smell or musty odor that you’d like to eliminate, do not just cover it with air freshener. Consult an odor control company to neutralize the odor at the molecular level so your building will be truly fresh. We have tips for diagnosing your own odor problems.
  4. CHOOSE SCENTS STRATEGICALLY – Carefully choose your scents. Choose essential-oil based fragrances to provide maximum aromatherapy benefits. For tips on choosing a scent, scent our these fragrance trends for 2020.

The best air fresheners for your office

The best smelling offices use air fresheners that release consistent, pleasant levels of fragrance. Sprays & metered aerosols give an overwhelming level of fragrance that quickly dissipates. Not to mention, they contain harmful VOCs that you don’t want to expose yourself to. You want a nice, even level of scent to fill the air with freshness all day long.

Professional scenting services, like ours will create a scenting plan for you, choosing scent devices & fragrances based on your space and your goals. Our service includes:

  • All scenting devices/dispensers
  • All installation
  • Refill or change of fragrance every 28 days
  • Dispenser maintenance
  • Odor neutralizing service for problem areas
  • Your choice of over 50 fragrance
  • Signature scent options
  • Fragrance customization
  • Optional restroom services (urinal screens, toilet clips, restroom floor mats, drip systems, drain service, hand soap & sanitizer service)


The best diffusers are programmable, allowing you to set the fragrance level and on/off timer. This gives you a great deal of control over the air quality in your building. Commercial scent diffusers work beautifully in lobbies & meeting rooms. They can also be placed in HVAC systems to circulate fragrance throughout the whole facility.

Our WestAir Nebulizer is a diffuser that atomizes scent molecules into very, very tiny particles to maximize dispersion across the entire room. It comes in multiple sizes & colors to best accommodate your space.



Air freshening fans use a built-in, battery-powered fan to disperse fragrance. They’re great because they give off consistent fragrance 24/7 & do not require electricity. Our WiseAir & WiseAir Select are air freshening fans that are easily wall-mounted or can be placed on a desk or surface. Furthermore, they’re ideal for individual offices & each office can have its own scent, based on your employees preferences. They do a fantastic job of freshening restrooms as well. Comes in white or chome & two different sizes depending on space. The cartridges shown below contain the fragrance & are simply inserted into the device.


Additionally, you should consider the affordable, easy option of passive air fresheners. These devices do not require electricity or batteries. While your fragrance options are limited with passives, they work great for small spaces such as closets, cabinets, drawers, elevators, restroom stalls.

AeroWest offers super versatile, high fragrance releasing Passives. You can stick them on nearly any surface. Our passive are small, conspicuous devices that currently come in 5 different scents.

passive air freshener



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