What I love most about the holiday season is the excitement and anticipation in the air. The stores and houses smell like the changing seasons, Christmas trees, and holiday treats. Fragrance, holiday music, and colorful decorations get everyone in the spirit.

Scents of fresh balsam, cranberry, apple cider, sugar cookies, & so many more evoke exciting memories of past holidays, time with friends & family, and the giving and receiving of gifts. Learn how to use holiday scents to increase sales, motivate employees, and create an ambiance of holiday joy!

  • Outstanding in-store shopping experiences bring customers in – During the holidays, online sales soar, but you can attract customers by creating an unforgettable sensory experience by filling the air with holiday fragrance, holiday music, and eye-catching decorations.
  • Illicit nostalgia – Holiday scents subtly influence customers to buy by evoking happy feelings about past holidays. Take advantage of this by creating magic in the air with fragrance.
  • Pine scents make people buy- Studies have shown that the scent of pine has a cognitive effect on customers, relieving stress, and increasing happy mood. When customers feel happy, they buy
  • Cinnamon & peppermint promote relaxation – Holiday shopping can be a loud, chaotic experience. Calm and relax your customers by diffusing these scents prove to set customers at ease, leading to more time spent in the store