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Professional Hand Sanitizing Services

Professional Hand Sanitizing Services

Active Ingredient: 80% Ethanol

Product Description:
Personal care product. Use for hand sanitizing. Recommended for repeat use. The formula contains 80% alcohol (ethanol) which meets the CDC, FDA, and WHO guidelines for hand sanitizer. All USP ingredients. Enhanced WHO formula to increase moisturizing effect.

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    Relax & Reassure with the Smell of Clean

    Relax & Reassure with the Smell of Clean

    Pleasant fragrances can make us feel at comforted, uplifted, & deliver a sense of calm and wellbeing.

    Foul odors, even when isolated, can leave a negative perception of the entire facility, from the custodial crew to general management.

    Customers or building occupants can associate foul odors with unsanitary and unsafe conditions.

    We offer over 50 clean, fresh, essential-oil based fragrances & innovative scenting devices for spaces of all sizes.

    Hygienic Solution for High Touch Surfaces

    Hygienic Solution for High Touch Surfaces

    The Alco-Cleanse system lets customers quickly clean the toilet seat & toilet handle before use. Quick, easy-to-use and fast drying, AlcoCleanse is the most hygienic solution. The toilet seat cleaner gives the user the same confidence as using one at home. Toilet seat cleaner dries immediately leaving the toilet seat clean and 99% bacteria free.

    This service eliminates the need for seat covers and saves time and labor. No more toilet paper all over the floor. Your service representative installs free, loaned dispensers and re-fills them every 28 days.

    To get Alcocleanse or add it to your existing service, click here.

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