Professional Hygiene Services by AeroWest


Clean Hands. Made Simple.

AeroWest provides the best hand care services for your business. Our safe, effective hand care services offers high quality hand sanitizer & lotion hand soap dispensed from  sleek, touchless dispensers.

AeroSan Hand Sanitizer

Provide safe, effective hand sanitizer to your customers & staff. Our 80% alcohol formula uses an automatic, fine-mist dispensing system. Wall-mounted options & hand sanitizer stations are available.

Lavender Chamomile Lotion Hand Soap

Spoil your customers with calming, cleansing lavender chamomile hand soap. Contains added moisturizer for silky clean hands & a beautiful scent.

AeroSan Touchless Dispenser

Our AeroSan dispensers have add a beautiful, contemporary appearance, and most importantly they’re completely hands-free. You’ll never have to worry about restocking or cleaning dispensers again. Plus, you’ll save money with our no-waste dispensing.


AlcoCleanse Toilet Seat Sanitizer enables users to quickly and effectively sanitize the toilet seat before each use. Eliminate the need for seat covers and toilet paper “barriers”!

  • AlcoCleanse dispensers are mounted in each stall
  • Provide a positive perception
  • Removes up to 99% of germs
  • No more hovering over the seat!
  • No messy toilet seat covers & toilet paper all over the floor
  • Simple & quick to use
  • Helps you maintain clean, sanitary restrooms
  • Safe and gentle on skin
  • Reduces urine on the floors from hovering
  • Reduces plumbing repairs by eliminating the need to “line” the toilet seat excessively with paper towels, toilet paper or paper seat covers


Toilet & Urinal Floor Mats

  • Contain Odoff to eliminate urine odors on contact
  • Ultra high absorption for safe, sanitary floors
  • Moppable – Performance is unaffected by mopping
  • Protects floors from uric acid damage

AeroFloor Urine Odor Eliminator

  • Eliminates urine odors trapped around toilets, urinals and grout lines
  • Cleaning and odor neutralizing mopping solution
  • Non-slippery formula kills odors in seconds

Anti-Splash Urinal Screens

  • High-quality fragrance and anti-splash technology

Cleaning, Deodorizing, Descaling Systems

  • AeroWest drip systems automatically clean, deodorize and descale toilets and urinals

Give a Positive Perception to Your Restrooms

The products used in your restrooms tell your customers about the cleanliness of your facilities. Let AeroWest take care of all your hygiene needs. We service your facility every 28 days, ensuring your products & dispensers are fully stocked and working optimally.

Try our hygiene services. No cost & no obligation.

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