Helping Environmental Services Provide Unrivaled Patient Experience

Improve Your Patient Experience By Up to 40%

Through the Power of Scent

Even if your hospital has the shiniest floors, the cleanest linens and follows the strictest infection prevention protocols, bad odors will still harm your HCAHPS scores. Clean scents increase the perception of cleanliness and provide a soothing, healing environment.

How Our Services Can Help You:

  • Relieve Anxiety: Scented spaces improve mood by up to 40%
  • Eliminate Odors: 93% of adults report that foul odors negatively impact their perception of an organization
  • Give the Impression of Cleanliness: 56% of adults say that experiencing foul odors causes them to assume the facility is not clean
  • No Odor Masking: We’ve developed odor control technologies specifically designed to remove odors in the health care environment
  • Safe & Professional Scenting Devices: We don’t use aerosol. We don’t use harmful chemicals. We don’t use overpowering scents. Get fresh, pleasant scents crafted with essential oil blends to calm your patients and their families.


We Understand What You're Up Against

We’ve worked intimately with EVS professionals for over a century. EVS is the unsung hero and the often overlooked. Physicians get the praise and recognition, but we know you’re the heroes behind-the-scenes! Thank you for providing an environment of healing and security.

We value your hard work, your compassion, and dedication to keeping your hospital safe and hygienic for your patients, families, physicians, and support staff.

We understand the massive challenge of running an effective EVS department;

And we’re here to make it easier for you


We provide high-quality, reliable services to hospitals across the country.

Hospitals We Serve:

  • Duke Health
  • Tulane Medical Center
  • Cook Children’s
  • Baylor Health System
  • UC Davis Medical Center
  • Emory University Hospital
  • VA Hospitals
  • & Many More


Our goal is to add value to your hospital. That’s why we develop a custom plan for your space, your odor challenges, and your patient experience needs.
As an AeroWest customer, your needs come first.
We offer streamlined, convenient service with the most specialized services in the industry.
You’ll become a greatly appreciated and respected customer of AeroWest.
Let’s connect & grow together!


Our services include highly specialized odor control, air freshening, and restroom hygiene. We encourage you to try out service for free. No cost. No obligations.