Hardcore Cleaning Videos Blowing up TikTok With Hashtag #CleanTok

#CleanTok is super hot on TikTok right now. The videos, posted by people bored in quarantine, feature individuals deep-cleaning their sinks, toilets, dishwashers & pretty much anything else you can imagine!


What is #CleanTok?

Viewers are obsessed with watching tons of colorful cleaning products being piled onto porcelain toilets and scrubbed until they’re squeaky clean (I must confess, the before & after is pretty satisfying)!


“All in all, TikTok videos that include the #cleaning hashtag have accounted for some 7.6 billion views”, reports the New York Times


How Could #CleanTok Benefit the Cleaning Industry?

Should the cleaning industry join in on the fun? Or send our products to influencers? It’s definitely something worth thinking about.

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