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Time Requirements & Qualifications for an AeroWest Franchise



Do you have these 10 qualities of a successful AeroWest Franchisee?

  • Are you willing to put long hours into the business?
  • Do you need a lot of supervision?
  • Are you willing to follow Franchisor directions?
  • Can you hire, train, and fire employees?
  • Will you do any job related to your franchise, if necessary?
  • Are you a good sales person?
  • Can you step out of your comfort zone?
  • Do you work well with others?
  • Do you have sufficient liquidity for the initial investment (minimum of $35,000)
  • Are you willing to take a risk?

If you have these qualities, you’re the perfect match for an AeroWest Franchisee.

Time Requirements

Time Requirements

Unlike other franchises that require you to quit your current job before starting your business, AeroWest is adaptable to your schedule.

  • Choose full-time or part-time
  • We welcome recent retirees
  • Grow at your own pace
  • Generate a second source of income
  • Operate your franchise on the side

AeroWest franchise ownership gives the ability to maintain your career while you run your business. The individuals that are interested in being a part-time franchisee want the benefits of owning a business but want to invest in a franchise that doesn’t dominate their life. They may be involved in freelance work or business consulting and want to add a steadier stream of income to their overall revenue. They may have recently retired and would like to supplement their retirement income without taking on a full-time venture. AeroWest gives you that advantage, at least until you decide to dedicate yourself full time to the growth of the franchise.

Financial Requirements

Financial Requirements

AeroWest makes franchising accessible with low start-up costs and 25% discounts for women, veterans, and minorities.

Initial Franchise Fee (IFF): $25,000
Liquid Cash Requirement: Up to $35,000
Net Worth Required: $100,000

Initial fee includes:

  • Travel and accommodation expenses to corporate office for training
  • 4-day training at corporate office to include product, sales, installation, service, and software training
  • Field training in your location, with a field representative, to acquire, install, and service new accounts
  • Product starter kit and opening inventory
  • AeroWest branded Polo-type shirts
  • AeroWest branded windbreaker
  • ID Badge with lanyard
  • Product catalogs
  • Business cards

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